"Finally Discovered!  The Cure For The One Tiny Thing That Has Stopped Thousands Of People From Mastering The Law of Attraction All This Time."



My name is John Derrick.  

I am going share with you the most important discovery ever made in the Law of Attraction.

This revolutionary discovery will enable you to finally get the magical results that have alluded you all this time.

Here Is How I Found It:

I have worked with hundreds of people one-on-one and thousands of people who have used the Secret Course, Manifesting Cards, Subliminal Videos and the Quantum Cookbook law of attraction courses.

I also have helped countless others on my personal blog JohnDerrick.com and through my free weekly newsletter.

Working with this many people has given me a unique insight into the lives of the people who were not achieving success with the law of attraction.

They followed the course(s) and the teachings, yet many were not getting the big results that others were getting.

This insight into their lives led me to an Amazing discovery! 

I finally found what it was that stopped people from achieving fast and easy success with the law of attraction.

They all had fallen into the same trap!

YES, the courses I mentioned above are all VERY GOOD.  Extremely good in fact....

They give good information on the law of attraction, and provide special tools to help you turbo charge your manifesting.


So why are some people able to achieve tremendous success with these courses, while others continue to struggle and get inconsistent results?


I found that there was something that had been glossed over and left out.

A subtly that was the cause of failure.

Some people are lucky enough to do this tiny thing naturally…   (I am one of the lucky ones.)

But many people never realize this and they fall into this hidden trap.

It is an easy trap to fall into.


Take the quiz below to find out
if you have fallen into this trap:


Do You Need This Information?

This 5 Question Quiz Will Let You Know:

1) Do you find yourself desperately wanting things that always remain out of your reach?

2) Do you manifest some things into your life, but never the big things that you really want?

3) Do you want better health and more energy?

4) Do you want to be rich, but it just has not happened yet?

5) Do you want to be happy but instead find yourself frustrated?

If you answered NO to all of these questions:
Congratulations! There is a good chance that you are one of the lucky few who do not fall into this trap and you might not need this material.

If you answered YES to 1 or more of these questions
You DESPERATELY need this information!

This material will have a dramatic effect on your life!

You are about to solve the problems listed above and you are finally going to Stop Wanting and Start Having.

To sum it up... If you find yourself wanting in any area of your life... you need this information!


I first discovered this problem last year, and I have worked one-on-one with hundreds of people since then and found that everyone who has been unable to successfully master the law of attraction has fallen into this trap.

This is THE thing....  the Number One Culprit.

I solved this problem with my students in our one-on-one sessions, and now I am going to share it with you.


Would you like to:

http://www.highest-quality.com/graphics/bullet.gif Never Feel Wanting Of More Money Again
http://www.highest-quality.com/graphics/bullet.gif Enjoy Improved Health and Vitality
http://www.highest-quality.com/graphics/bullet.gif Instantly Go From Wanting - To Having
http://www.highest-quality.com/graphics/bullet.gif Have an Abundance of Energy - All Day Long
http://www.highest-quality.com/graphics/bullet.gif Have the Time to Truly Enjoy Your Life
http://www.highest-quality.com/graphics/bullet.gif Stop Wanting & Start Having

Use this on ANY area in your life where you are wanting, and you can see this go away - Almost Instantly!


I Promise You This:

This is an EXTREMELY EASY change to make.
(It doesn't get any easier than this!)

The eBook is under 40 pages, and is quick easy reading. 

The MP3 Audio is a brief 40 minutes short.

This information is fresh, new and 100% created by me, John Derrick. Yes, it is even my voice on the audio recording.

I know you are going to love this.
This is exactly what you have been waiting for.

You will Stop Wanting and Start Having!


You can be super positive, optimistic and hopeful everyday and still not receive what you are trying to manifest simply because you are not doing this one thing!



YES - There is a brief explanation of what the law of attraction is and how it works.

NO - This audio and ebook do not go into great detail of how the law of attraction works. This is not a full beginners course (see courses that I have linked above if you need that.)

YES - Using the technique found inside will bring dramatic results, even if you are brand new to the law of attraction.

YES - This is a great starting place which will put you ahead of millions of others.


EXPERIENCED - With The Law of Attraction?

YES - This is going to explode your old results!

Even if you think you are doing well with one of the famous law of attraction courses mentioned above, the truth is that you have no idea just how much better you could be doing until you fix this one problem.

Make this one slight change.

Once people begin using this and they stop wanting and start having..... The results are amazing. The difference is like thinking you were moving fast in your horse drawn carriage and all of a sudden you find yourself behind the steering wheel of a Ferrari.


When I discovered that everyone who was not succeeding with the law of attraction all had one thing in common, I knew that I had discovered something big.


You will NEVER achieve real success no matter how hard you try... Until you fix this one small thing.

The fact that one small change can suddenly improve people's lives is thrilling!

Now, I am excited to share this proven cure with you!


You are one step away from finally realizing the life of your dreams.



  Yes John! I'm ready to STOP WANTING and START HAVING.

I want BOTH the MP3 Audio book and the PDF eBook.

I know that I will get instant access so I can have amazing results right away!

I am ready to make it happen!


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I want you to succeed.

I want you to to get this information and begin putting it to use right now.


Wishing you the very best,

- John Derrick


PS - Stop Wanting and Start Having is Is Exclusive To This Web Site!  You can NOT get this ANYWHERE ELSE! 

You get immediate access! No Waiting. Get Started Now


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